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At least four universities offer public administration education in the state of Nebraska. Of these schools, one has accreditation by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA). Careers in public administration are most widely available through the State of Nebraska, which the state's official government organization. Most of the job concentration is in the bigger cities of Omaha and Lincoln. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, professionals in administrative services make an annual salary of $90,630.

Bachelor's Degrees in Public Administration

University of Nebraska at Kearney Public Administration Bachelors Program

120 total credit hours required to meet curriculum requirements. Core content of the public administration major accounts for 36 credit hours. Adding a minor or second major requires 24 credit hours. 14 credit hours go toward unrestricted electives.

Topics in the major include an overview of public administration and public policy. They gain ethical standards to follow influencing public organizations and advanced writing strategies. Research course option in political inquiry or sociology.

Students at the University of Nebraska at Kearney have an option of completing an internship or independent readings course. This is a political science-focused project requiring approval from the program director. Up to 12 credit hours may go toward the internship experience.

Capstone project requires student to take a 388 course number from any department. This should be from a different department than political science. Students connect topics and understanding from a different discipline to main studies.

Master's Degrees in Public Administration

Bellevue University's MPA Program

This MPA program is available on campus or completely online. Students can explore specific focuses on public finance, policy development, and public affairs. It can also prepare individuals to receive certification for various public positions.

36 total credit hours span a focused curriculum with management skills. Students gain a full understanding of nonprofit organizations and working in public affairs. Each category concludes with a project that individuals apply their skills in.

Approximately one year of study completes all program requirements. There are three-week break intervals between quarter terms. Students have the ability to start the program at the beginning of each quarter.

To gain entry into the program, students should have a Bachelor's degree. This education should be from an accredited institution with a 2.5 cumulative GPA or better. Requirements include sending letters of recommendation for skill validation.

Creighton University

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies offers the Master in Public Health. Two concentrations are available to customize the education. Students choose between Health Policy and Ethics or Healthcare Management.

Required course topics include graduate writing, epidemiology, and ethical standards. Students receive a broad overview of how public health services function. Skills gained in behavioral analysis and community research.

In the admission process, prospective students submit all official transcripts. At least a Bachelor's degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA required. Further documentation in professional resume and three letters of recommendation needed.

An alternative process is completing a graduate certification. This provides a shorter education that is more focused on a public health topic. Certifications in Bioethics, Healthcare Management, and Clinical Ethics Consultation are available.

Online MPA Programs in Nebraska

The University of Nebraska at Omaha exclusively offers a graduate-level NASPAA program. This program is available both on-campus in Omaha or online. Some limitations may exist for those looking to dual-degree or take certain electives.

University of Nebraska at Omaha

The Department of Political Science offers the Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. Six concentration options include Nonprofit Management, Public Policy, and Local Government. Two focuses on criminal justice and technology management are also available. Only the criminal justice focus is available online.

Courses prepare students for roles in government, and public and nonprofit organizations. This includes research that impacts public policy and management skills. Graduates look to improve public services and offerings. They ensure organizations run in a responsible and ethical manner.

There is an option of a dual degree in social work or management information systems. For the social work program, students must complete 57 or 81 total credit hours. This depends on if the student holds an accredited Bachelor's degree in the field.

Between 54 to 57 credit hours satisfies the alternative

Available Online Public Administration Programs for Nebraska

American University
Norwich University
Seton Hall University

List of Nebraska Public Administration Programs

Campus-based and Online public administration programs
  • Bellevue University: Master of Public Administration (MPA) Bellevue
  • Creighton University: Master of Public Administration (MPA) Omaha
  • University of Nebraska at Kearney: Bachelor of Science in Public Administration Kearney
  • University of Nebraska at Omaha: Master of Public Administration (MPA) OmahaMaster of Public Administration (MPA) Online Online Master Of Public Administration
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Nebraska City/County Management Association

Members have access to continuing education and managing budget requirements. Yearly winter, summer, and fall meetings offer professional improvement and budget considerations. Full members must be managers, administrators, or assistants to positions through the city.