Doctorate in Public Affairs Degrees (DPAff)

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The Doctorate in Public Affairs is a terminal degree program that can assist students with gaining expertise in areas beyond the application of practical skills in a public position. Within a Doctor of Public Affairs, students may have the opportunity to explore research techniques and tools that can help them identify problems or shortcomings within nonprofit organizations and provide them with the skills needed to create relevant and helpful solutions. People with great problem-solving skills can be a great fit within this degree area.

Public service organizations - while commonly found in local areas - are funded and operated at the highest levels of government in the U.S. This type of leadership may mark the need for extensively trained individuals with the experience and education needed to make monumental decisions that can help to improve programs all over the country. Professionals in these higher level positions may benefit from achieving degrees such as the Doctorate in Public Affairs.

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Consider a featured online public administration program currently taking applications.

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Liberty University Doctor Doctor of Public Administration
100% online DPA program. 2.5 year average completion time.
JHU Advanced Academic Programs Graduate Graduate Government Studies Programs

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If you have experience within the public or nonprofit field, obtaining a doctorate degree can be a great supporting resource for finding positions that match your education and experience. As the country changes and needs are adjusted to fit the needs of society, people with the right type of degree may be needed to come in and evaluate current programs for efficiency. Read more in the guide provided below to learn about the Doctor of Public Affairs, including where it can be found, and what it can lead to throughout your career.

Doctorate in Public Affairs’ Programs to Consider

Students that have completed Bachelor’s or Master’s programs in Public Affairs might not be satisfied with the level of education that have already received. A lot of graduates of these degree programs may feel like taking extra steps towards being the very best applicant for jobs within the public service field, or simply have the desire to know more about their field as a whole.

Doctorate in Public Affairs programs can be found at universities in states all over the country. These programs can also be found in the online setting, which could be a great option for professionals that are seeking career advancement without sacrificing time at home or at work. Our team has reviewed some of the current Doctorate in Public Affairs programs in order to give you a more functional outlook on what you might find during your search.

As you look through the open programs below, you should consider what you require out of a degree program. Some students may focus on the amount of time it might take to complete their program, while others may focus on cost and flexibility as their primary concern. Each degree program provided may have benefits that can outweigh others for what you require.

California Baptist University

For students interested in pursuing careers in Public Affairs, doctoral programs can be a great resource for success. California Baptist University can help student reach their goal through their online Doctor of Public Administration degree program. Students that are intrigued by this program can take part in 50 credit hours of additional learning that can be completed in around 3 years. Some of the topics provided in this program may include those surrounding ethical research and public affairs and policy.

Walden University

Walden University may currently provide one of the most diverse online PhD programs in Public Policy and Administration. An interesting component of this degree program is that students can choose from specializations such as Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Local Government Management for Sustainable Communities, and Public Management and Leadership. These specializations can be suitable for students interested in a wide range of career options after graduation. Depending on what interests you, there could be specializations to help satisfy your needs.

Louisiana State University

LSU is an innovative and reliable university that can provide students with well-rounded and inclusive degree programs for many majors. This university currently offers a PhD program in Media and Public Affairs. This program may be geared toward students interested in political communication and political science as a primary career choice. In this program, students may be expected to take part in independent research projects and technology-based learning. Most students can complete this program in 3-4 years.

Common Doctorate in Public Affairs Coursework to Expect

The actual substance of your degree program can come from the curriculum itself. Students that thoroughly review their degree program prior to applying may have a better understanding of what is to come after becoming enrolled.

The courses that can be included in the Doctorate of Public Affairs program may include those that focus on the management aspects of doctoral-level positions, financial management in the public domain, and research tactics that can prove useful when evaluating public service programs seeking to improve communities.

Students enrolled in the Doctorate in Public Affairs degree program may also have the opportunity to engage in relevant research regarding current issues in the public service field, which could help prepare them for managing real-world dilemmas once working in the field. Some students may also take part in on-site experiences that can help bring the curriculum to life in the public environment.

A look a politics and the government may also be included in these degree programs, since these topics can be determinant in the development and change of current public policies. Take a look at some example courses below this section.

Social and Group Dynamics

Public service fields may contain a lot of group elements during the initial planning phases and well on into their operation. Students of Public Affairs can potentially benefit from extra education into the function of groups within the field of public administration as a whole. This course can educate students on how groups can be beneficial to creative and innovate thinking, methods for working well with diverse groups, and negotiation tactics for disagreements within the group setting.

Politics in Public Affairs

Starting with the general suggestion, this course takes a look at public policies and how they are created in the United States. Students can learn about the people that can influence the application of new policies, as well as the process that is required in order to enact new policies. This course can be helpful to students interested in reviewing or evaluating the effectiveness of current policies in the public domain, as well as those that work in nonprofit or public agencies.

Public Affairs Leadership

While each field within public administration may have its own set of leadership requirements, there are a lot of common themes between each field. In this course, students can learn more about the relationships between management officials and employees within public service organizations, financial management of grants and funds, and methods for managing crises or conflict in the workplace. Since a lot of management professionals in the public domain hold a terminal degree in this field, leadership may be an important topic for upcoming professionals at this level.

How Much Salary Can A Graduate in Public Affairs Earn?

There are several factors that go into trying to estimate the salary potential and job growth of associated careers. Nothing is ever a guarantee and things like cost of living or geographic location can affect your career path.

Career Options

  • Nonprofit Management
  • Program Coordinator
  • Financial Management
  • Developmental Director
  • Social Research
  • Policy Analysis

Doctorate Versus PhD in Public Affairs Degree Comparison

Some of the most common questions about doctoral level questions may be concerning the differences in application of the Doctorate and PhD in Public Affairs.

While some programs consistently state that either program could be useful for any cause, there are actually some specific distinctions between the 2 programs that set you on track for different types of careers after graduation.

The Doctorate in Public Affairs or Doctor of Public Affairs is a degree program that is best suitable for professionals that have some work experience within the professional field. The purpose of this degree program may be to help students gain better practical skills for assessing employee performance, acknowledging areas that may need improvement within their own sector, and administrating large teams of employees toward a particular goal. Professionals that graduate with this degree are typically those that wish to lead nonprofit or public agencies.

The PhD in Public Affairs, as the name states, may be more focused on exploring the philosophy of Public Affairs as a progressive field. Students within this degree program may take a look at the history and evolution of the field, determine methods for finding new and innovative improvements, and reviewing their own experimental or research tools to use throughout the process.

Those that complete this degree program can be great candidates for research positions or even those responsible for teaching and training upcoming Public Affairs professionals.

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