Doctorate in Public Policy Degrees (DPP)

Consider a featured online public administration program currently taking applications.

School Level Program
Liberty University Doctor Doctor of Public Administration
100% online DPA program. 2.5 year average completion time.

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This theory has played out into a massive network of organizations all over the United States that work hard to ensure that all people are receiving services to help them improve their quality of life and lead long and healthy lives.

If you are the type of person that loves to help others and has a desire to work hard to help agencies create programs that are realistic and research-driven, Public Policy could be a great field for you to be involved with.

Consider a featured online public administration program currently taking applications.

School Level Program
Liberty University Doctor Doctor of Public Administration
100% online DPA program. 2.5 year average completion time.
JHU Advanced Academic Programs Graduate Graduate Government Studies Programs

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The Doctorate in Public Policy is a terminal degree program that can allow students to dive deeper into the theory and development of public service programs. At this degree level, students can become involved in independent research projects that can test their abilities to recognize weaknesses and implement helpful changes, engage in classroom discussions that can take different viewpoints into consideration, and even allow students to maximize their opportunities to learn more about the current laws and regulations that are currently in place in the public service field.

In the guide below, you can read about the type of courses available in this degree program, as well as about some universities that are currently offering online Doctorate in Public Policy programs. If you are intrigued by this incredible field and want to pursue an open program, start by reading about what is involved prior to filling out your application. Our team of educational experts has provided a thorough review of the Doctorate in Public Policy program in order to help you during your decision process.

Review of top Doctorate in Public Policy degree programs, updated for 2023

Students that are coming from Bachelor’s of Master’s programs in Public Policy may be seeking out a particular type of degree program to accommodate their desires as Public Policy professionals.

If you are new to the search and are still deciding on what you would like to see from your program, it may benefit you to review some open programs and the courses involved in each. Some schools may focus more on the application of management and leadership techniques within the public service domain while others may investigate the effectiveness of public policies within particular agencies.

W pulled some example programs to help guide you along the way. In the section below, you can read more about currently open programs that are offering doctoral-level degrees to students from various educational backgrounds. Each of these programs may have different requirements that could fit your needs as a college student.

The University of Chicago

If you are a strong-willed and dedicated public service professional, a doctoral-level degree could be a great way to get you in touch with career opportunities to fit your skills. The University of Chicago current provides an online PhD in Public Policy to students interested in gaining a higher degree within their current field. This program consists of 27 courses that are required for graduation, which can be taken over a span of 3-4 years for most students.

Liberty University

Liberty University currently offers an online PhD in Public Policy for students that have a desire to go the extra mile with their education. This program includes 60 credit hours that can provide focus into research and leadership within the public service field. Students that have enrolled in and completed this program have done so in as little as 3 years. If you would like a flexible option for your higher degree program, Liberty University may be a great option to consider.

Northeastern University

An interesting fact about Public Policy is that is can often be paired with other disciplines to better benefit learners. At Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, students can take part in the hybrid Doctor of Law and Policy program current offered by this school. While this program consists of both in-person and online elements, it can be a great resource for students interested in public services as a field that currently reside in this area. The entire program can take around 3-4 years to complete for most dedicated learners.

Common Doctorate Coursework to Expect

At the doctoral level, students can take on courses that may be more focused on reviewing current social policies within organizations. These courses may consist of topics relevant to reliable and valid research, policies and procedures, and leadership within the public domain.

Each of these topics can be helpful resources for upcoming professionals interested in both public leadership and public program evaluation. If you want to know more about the courses that can be covered in this program, read more in the list below.

Quantitative Analysis

As a professional in the field of public service, it may be necessary to have skills relevant to providing evaluations and analyses of the company in which you work. This course can help you to learn more about what goes into collecting data, formulating reports, and establishing a relevant improvement plan to coincide with the information gathered. The importance of numerical data on measuring effectiveness may also be discussed, as well as different methods to test theories regarding improvement plans.

Doctoral Research Design

When you have enrolled in a doctoral-level program, you may find that there can be many opportunities to engage in independent research throughout your experience. At this degree level, students should have a solid understanding of the field of Public Policy and be prepared to exhibit their knowledge through diverse research experiences. In this course, students can learn how to appropriately organize and present data, develop a solid research plan, and complete the necessary steps to find a result.

Advanced Leadership in Public Policy

Another component of doctoral-level programs in this field that may be interesting to upcoming learners is leadership. This may be a large part of the online Doctorate in Public Policy degree program, since a lot of leaders within the field hold higher level degrees such as this one. Students in this course can learn how to effectively communicate with workers, de-escalate situations within the work environment, and contribute to more stable financial planning.

How Much Can I Earn With A Doctorate Degree in Public Policy?

Here are a couple of example careers one might pursue after earning this degree:

Career Options Associated With Public Policy

Holding a Doctorate in Public Policy can be a great way to obtain lesser known positions in the field of public service, as well as those responsible for training new and upcoming public service professionals.

Some students may choose to use their advanced degree to obtain leadership positions within their current agencies, while others may pursue more research-oriented positions as a result of their degree.

Some government positions that are responsible for reviewing the ethical practices and policy-compliance of different agencies may also call on graduates of these programs to fill their open positions.

In the field of education, Doctorate in Public Policy holders may have the opportunity to teach others about their field and all that is included in it. If you have a desire to help others learn about this field, this could be a great option for you to pursue.

The public service field may be growing to accommodate the growing needs of citizens all over the United States, making this a great place to settle into a degree program.

DPP Versus the Master’s in Public Policy

Students may often wonder if there are added benefits to obtaining a higher level of degree in Public Policy. The most commonly obtained degree in Public Policy may be the master’s degree, since it can provide a significant advantage over the bachelor’s degree in terms of career opportunities.

However, people that have achieved a master’s level degree may wonder if they should move forward into a Doctorate in Public Policy program to help extend their capabilities as professionals in the field.

The Master’s in Public Policy degree can be a great tool for upcoming professionals interested in obtaining management positions in the field. The curriculum surrounding this program may be geared towards maximizing a student’s leadership skills and providing tools that can be helpful in managing the personnel and financial aspects of public service organizations. At the master’s level, students can also choose a secondary specialization that can assist them with learning more about particular areas within Public Policy.

The Doctorate in Public Policy may be the degree of choice for individuals that wish to go beyond management within the public domain. This field can prepare students to look deeper into current public services programs and can even encourage the use of scientific research and experimentation to determine effective methods for improvement.

Students that might be interested in influencing public policies or organizing successful intervention programs may find that the doctoral program is closer to what they desire.

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