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One area within Public Administration that some students find beneficial for successful careers is within economics and economic development. This degree area can help you gain skills that can be utilized to increase the potential for development and make community improvements that are more fitting for growth in the future.

This guide was created for you to use as a references as you search for the most fitting degree program for your future. Our team of educational experts have over a decade of experience in researching educational programs and where they can take you, and have found many different topics of interest to provide to you throughout this guide.

The field of public administration focuses on all aspects of public service from a generalist perspective. Certain specialized field within this greater domain can assess different element of public services or social change that can influence public wellness overall.

Public administration professionals that have specialized in economics can provide helpful insight during the city planning process. The influence of new businesses and services, better schools, and even changes to transportation and land development could be part of what professionals do in this line of work, making it a stable option for upcoming students with many aspirations for their career.

Online Economic Development MPA Degrees

If you are the type of person that enjoys completing tasks on your own time and balancing your own schedule, you might consider enrolling in online degree programs as your method for achieving higher tier careers in the future. Online economics degree programs in public administration can allow you to engage in learning via the internet, even from your very own home.

An advantage of pursuing online degree programs includes the ability to learn at times that fit best with your schedule. A lot of graduate students are currently working at full-time jobs, making it difficult or even impossible to consider traditional degree programs in-person at a college campus.

During online courses, you might be expected to verify your attendance through regular log-ins and contribute to thoughtful discussions about different topics being covered in your course. The testing features in most online classrooms includes timed tests over the course material for the testing period.

Online degree programs may be growing into some of the most popular options for new college students seeking career success. These programs are available at every degree level and can help you prepare for complex positions in the professional field.

Masters Degrees in Economic Development (MPA)

Most management professionals and field experts hold at least a master’s degree within their field. Online Master’s in Economics and Economic Development can help you to exhibit your knowledge and training in your area, so that hiring companies can be confident in your capabilities as a professional.

In order to verify that your chosen degree program has met all of the requirements for its field, you should check out the accreditation information for it. The preferred accreditation agency for public administration degree programs focusing on economic development is the NASPAA.

This agency has been the leader in public administration accreditation for decades, making it a reliable resource for open programs current seeking new students. Accredited programs contain up to date information regarding practice in the field and can be found both online and in the traditional environment.

The schools and programs listed below are some that have received the right type of accreditation through the NASPAA. These are just a few of many programs that could benefit you on your quest to the perfect career in economic development.

  • Texas A&M University: Online MPA – 2 years to complete
  • The University of Baltimore: Online MPA – 2 years to complete

Typical Coursework for an MPA in Economics Development

A degree program can communicate your knowledge of a particular subject and possibly get you the job you have been dreaming of. However, the path towards achieving your degree involves rigorous studying and testing throughout courses specific to your degree major.

The courses involved in the economic development degree program might help you learn more about the different sectors of society and how they affect one another. The fields of education, revenue, public service, and community development may be discussed in depth throughout this program, allowing you to connect public services to overall development capabilities.

Since the master’s level is most often achieved by public leaders in society, you might also see courses that focus on leadership styles, conflict management, and financial management. Each of these concepts can help to create a well-rounded leadership professional for better economic development programs.

Online master’s degree programs may also require that students complete a graduate project focusing on their role in the field. You may be required to engage in a thorough research project about your community, as well as make suggestions for economic change and development based on the ethics and processes that you have learned during the duration of your graduate program.

Economic Development Career Options within Public Administration

Economic development specialists can work as part of a public administration team within their communities. With a master’s degree in this field, you might even be a great candidate for leadership positions, such as those overseeing the functions and services within a community.

City managers, urban and regional planning professionals, and even elected officials might require the training provided throughout this degree program. Your degree plus any added experience could be the leading factors in determining what level of position you could achieve throughout your career lifetime.

In some areas, financial managers and community service managers play a role in the economic development process. Expertise within economic development could assist you in becoming a candidate for either of these positions, since most communities have an active concern about how their community will grow in the future.

Our team has listed some example career options and their average salaries below for you to review. Check into these options and more to decide if this career and degree field might be the right fit for you.

  • Economists: $104,340 on average per year (BLS).
  • Administrative Service Managers: $96,180 on average per year (BLS).
  • Community Service Managers: $65,320 on average per year (BLS).