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Within this guide, you can learn more about the different types and levels of degree programs currently available for those interested in a career in this field, as well as the career options that might be available after graduation. As you read through this information, you should compare what you might learn to the type of job that you plan to seek once finished with your education.

Why Consider an MPA?

The Master of Public Administration often leads students into careers that are involved with public service leadership, organizational planning, and the coordination of public services among several different specialized provider groups. Some students may enter into programs such as these in an effort to find general careers in the public domain, while others may have more specific career roles in mind for their future.

If you are interested in finding a degree program that can lead you into the planning and implementation of better road systems, transportation options, and better city functioning overall, a degree in transportation might be the best option for you to consider. This branch of the MPA can help you to become a helpful partner within communities in your area.

Transportation degrees can help you explore the importance of ample means for transportation for citizens, strategic planning for roads and other means of transport between different areas of interest, and even government-level resources that can be used to bring transportation plans to life.

Within this guide, you can learn more about the different types and levels of degree programs currently available for those interested in a career in this field, as well as the career options that might be available after graduation. As you read through this information, you should compare what you might learn to the type of job that you plan to seek once finished with your education.

Online Transportation Public Administration Degrees

In recent years, the lean towards technologically-advanced learning methods has increased significantly. More students are finding it possible to enroll in master's programs due to the widespread availability of online degree programs. In the field of public administration, online programs can make it possible for students from all lifestyles and backgrounds to engage in higher learning.

While you are enrolled in an online MPA program, you may have access to convenience that cannot be found in the traditional environment. The average day for an online student may include logging in at times that are convenient - such as during the early morning hours or even late at night after a long day's work.

The layout of online degree programs mirrors traditional programs at their finest, making them a reliable replacement for the standard in-person program. Students in online programs may have the same syllabus, study the same topics, and be responsible for the same assignments and exams.

Just like any other program, online degree programs are required to hold the right type of accreditation for their field in order to be considered reliable and relevant. There are resources discussed in the next section that can assist you in ensuring your program meets the minimum standards in your degree area.

Masters Degrees in Transportation Public Administration

The most beneficial path for you to consider for a career in transportation management involves the completion of an online Master of Public Administration. The accrediting agency for public administration program is the NASPAA - which is the most reliable and well-known agency of its kind in the U.S.

The best way to ensure the quality of your program is to locate it on the list of NASPAA-accredited program via the NASPAA website, which keeps up to date information about currently accredited degree programs. This agency seeks to provide the public with well-educated and amply trained professionals in the field of public administration.

Different degree programs can offer you a variety of specializations depending on where you are enrolled. Transportation managers should have a diverse skill set that includes general leadership, financial management expertise, and organizational aptitude. All of these elements can be covered within online MPA programs.

In order to make your journey as easy as possible, our team of educational experts has pulled actual accredited online MPA programs and listed them below for you to review. There are many more schools available for your consideration through the NASPAA website, some of which contain specializations that can move your closer to your career goal.

  • Arkansas State University: Online MPA - 2 years to complete
  • Eastern Kentucky University: Online MPA - 2 years to complete
  • Kent State University: Online MPA - 2 years to complete

Typical Coursework for a Transportation MPA Program

What you learn during your degree program can essentially create the professional that you intend to be. Course work in organizational leadership, financial processes, and general city and county functioning can help set a foundation for strategic transportation planning and development, making this program ideal for the career you are seeking.

The online MPA may also include courses that can help you focus specifically on the management of public service employees during their day to day responsibilities. As a leader in the public domain, you should be aware of the rules and regulations associated with organizations in this area – which are topics that may also be included within your course work.

As you browse through the example courses below, you should consider how these specific topics can create effective management professionals in transportation within the public domain. There are many different skill points that can contribute to better functioning in this field, many of which are on the most basic learning level.

City planning, foresight into community growth and development, and a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations in public administration are all elements that can assist you in becoming the most effective professional within your community. Your degree program can provide you with the opportunity to sharpen these skills so that you can implement programs that are effective and goal-oriented during your career.

Transportation and Logistics Career Options

Once you have completed the educational training recommended for transportation leaders, you can pursue career options that put you in touch with careers relevant to your skills. Transportation managers are often a part of city planning teams, local management organizations, or even specialists within specific areas with a public administration interest.

Some professionals exercise their skills in transportation management while employed as leaders within the community. City managers can assist with developing a wide range of community improvement programs – including those that focus on transportation and its influence on public wellness.

Our team of educational experts has pulled data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in order to provide you with more information about what this type of degree program can lead you into in your future. Review the salary information below to learn more about the fields you could potentially pursue with your education and experience.