Bachelors in Public Policy Degrees

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The Bachelor's in Public Policy is the foundation program for students interested in working in the public sector. This program typically consists of courses that are both directly related to the review and evaluation of public organizations, as well as general education courses that may be required for a diverse set of bachelor's programs.

If you are one of the people that may be interested in enrolling in the Bachelor's in Public Policy, you should consider your personality and skills in relation to this career field. Public service workers should be great problem solvers, pay close attention to detail, and have communication skills that can assist them in delivering information to employees as well as the general public. Read more in the guide below to see about this program and what is within it.

Why look into public policy vs. public administration as a career?

Public Policy degree programs can act as training tools for upcoming students interested in working as problem-solvers in the public administration field. As you read through this guide, you can learn more about what is involved in this degree program, as well as what you can pursue after completing your degree.

Professionals may be called upon to review current policies and procedures to ensure that organizations are taking the right steps to improving the purposes they operate for. A lot of students enrolled in this program may move forward into master's programs in order to get the most out of their education in the working field. This program can prepare students for either master's level learning or entry level positions in the field.

Consider a featured online public administration program currently taking applications.

School Level Program
Utica University Bachelor BS in Criminal Justice - Public Policy and Leadership
120 Total Credits; 2-4 Years; 100% Online

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Bachelor’s in Public Policy Programs to Consider

Public Policy degree programs can be found at accredited universities all over the United States. In recent years, the interest in online degree programs may have risen in response to the flexibility and convenience that they can offer upcoming students.

Online Bachelor’s in Public Policy programs can allow students to engage in a diverse and all-inclusive curriculum that can help sharpen their skills in policy analysis and public communication. Our team of educational experts has researched open programs throughout the United States in an effort to provide you with more information about open programs within your area. Take a look at some of the open programs below for more information.

Arizona State University

The online Bachelor of Science in Public Service and Public Policy at Arizona State University could be a great option for students interested in working in the public domain. This program requires that students complete 120 credit hours of general education and public policy-specific courses throughout the duration of their experience. For most students, the entire bachelor’s program can be completed in around 4 years, which is standard for most bachelor’s-level programs.

The University of Southern California

Students interested in pursuing careers that can be positively influential on the state of society should consider a Bachelor’s in Public Policy from USC. This degree program can help students learn more about the policies and practices that go into creating helpful policies for the United States, a skill that can potentially lead to governmental careers in the future. This program requires that students engage in 4 years of course work through the university’s online degree programs.

Grand Canyon University

Public policy degree programs can be found in many shapes and sizes. At Grand Canyon University, students can enroll in a Bachelor of Arts in Government – Public Policy that can help to increase their knowledge of the U.S. political system and government. This program can assist students in learning more about how policies are created and changed over time, which can contribute to their excellence as policy-makers in the field. Most students can complete this program in 3-4 years.

Common Public Policy Coursework to Expect

While in any of these programs, students can take courses that are both directly related to the field of Public Policy, as well as related courses that can help strengthen their understanding of the basis and change of policies in the U.S. Other topics that may be implemented into these programs may include those that focus on leadership and American Government.

Researching more about the courses within a degree program can help you prepare for enrollment in an online program. It can also assist you in learning more about the actual role you can play in an organization after graduation. Some of the courses that can be found in these programs can be found below this section.

Leadership and Change

While there are many components that can go into effective leadership in the field of public policy, students should have a well-rounded understanding of management techniques that can influence adaption and change. This course can help students learn skills that can help to increase evolutionary thinking, open dialogue and positive transitioning techniques necessary for team work and drive. Students enrolled in this course may also learn more about methods for reinforcing research and development in their service area.

Public Service and Policy

This course can help students bridge the gap between the development of public policies and the public services provided to the public. Students can learn more about how policies can help protect the rights of individuals within society, while ensuring that people are given access to the rights types and amounts of services. This course may also include a look into potential errors or difficulties present when working with the public.

American Politics

This course can provide students with an introduction into American politics and its structure and function. Some of the topics that may be discussed in this course may include the role of the president, political parties, and Congress. This course can also serve as an introduction to problem-solving skills that can be helpful during widespread issues throughout the country. Students completing this course should have a strong foundation for further learning in policy analysis and public services.

How Much Can I Make With A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Policy

The earning potential for Public Policy professionals can vary just as much as the responsibilities within each role. Different public sectors may provide higher earning potential than others. In order to locate a position that can meet your expectations, you should always do thorough research into the type of career you plan to pursue to determine what the specific earning potential is for that position.

As an example, our team has provided information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics below for you to view.

Associated Careers of Public Policy Degrees

Have you thought about where you want your degree to take you after graduation? A degree in Public Policy can help you to achieve prestigious positions in the U.S. Government, leadership positions in local or city management, or even in specialty fields such as finance.

Depending on what you are looking for, there could be several different fields available for you to pursue. Our team has reviewed some of the most common career options available to graduates in this discipline. Take a look at some of the roles available below.

  • Budget Analyst
  • Program Manager
  • Community Service Manager
  • City Management

Public Policy Versus Public Affairs Degree Comparison

When seeking out public administration degree programs, it may be important to review some of the different specializations and what they can provide for you after graduation. Some of the most popular degree programs may provide focus into different specialty areas that can put students in contact with the population they work best with.

Currently, 2 of the most popular degree specializations for individuals in this field is Public Policy and Public Affairs. While these 2 programs have similar course work, they can lead down different paths in terms of a career.

Public Policy is a degree specialization that can help students learn more about what goes into the creation and change of policies in the public domain. This degree path may consist of topics that review some of the historical foundations of public policy, as well as the societal changes that have warranted change.

After achieving a degree such as this one, professionals can seek out careers in local or state government, or even in government careers focused on providing needed policies to different public services.

In comparison to Public Policy, Public Affairs is a specialization that can help students become more familiar with the social and public interactions involved in public administration careers. This can include the communication tactics used when delivering services to the public, as well as among public service workers. Receiving a degree in Public Affairs can lead to a variety of careers that can include advocacy, lobbying, and professional advising.

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