Master’s Degrees in Public Health
People all over the U.S. may look to master's level programs to help them acquire higher level positions within their current line of work.
Others may seek out master's programs that can help to enhance their skills within a different specialized area, in order to reach out to different career fields and find more opportunities with their education.

Master’s Degrees in Public Health

Regardless of which direction you are approaching from, the Master's in Public Health can be a great resource in helping you gain more experience in the prevention and planning that can help to protect society from dangerous diseases and injuries.

The Master's in Public Health program can build upon what students have learned at the bachelor's level. Some of the topics that can be covered in this degree program may include those that focus on the need for community education programs regarding health, health risks that may be more prominent in different cultural groups, and even risk assessment programs that can be helpful during the creation of new prevention programs.

Master’s in Public Health Degree Programs to Consider

One of the most popular degree options for students interested in a Public Health career may be the Master’s in Public Health. The reason that this degree program may be a popular option for upcoming professionals is that it can provide both a focus into the professional application of public health policy in the field, as well as a focus into the leadership components necessary for managing public health organizations.

Colleges that offer the online Master’s in Public Health can be a great resource for students with busy schedules or those that prefer to attend classes through flexible means. If you want to see more about online Master’s in Public Health programs, read through the program descriptions provided by our team of educational experts beneath this section.

The University of California – Berkeley

Online MPH programs can be a great way for students to extend their understanding of the field and gain more professional responsibilities within their current position. The online MPH at UC Berkeley can help students learn more about economics in Public Health, health policy, and strategic management within the healthcare field. This program currently offers a Health Policy and Management concentration for those interested in obtaining leadership positions after graduation. Other specializations may include Global Health, Epidemiology, Infectious Disease, and Regulatory Science, Community Health Science, and Data Science.

Purdue University

Students that choose Purdue University for their educational program may find that this university is well-structured and reliable in terms of degree programs. This university current has an online MPH program for students seeking specialized careers in the healthcare or health policy fields. Courses within this program may include those that focus on epidemiology, health care statistics, and public health biology. The entire program consists of 56 credit hours and can be completed in 2-3 years.

The University of Arizona

Obtaining an online MPH can be a great experience for students seeking flexibility and reliability with their degree programs. This school currently provides students with an online MPH that can help sharpen their understanding of the policies and programs current in the field of Public Health. Students that take part in this program can take part in courses that can prepare them for complex positions working with community members, healthcare agencies, and even the government. This program may require that students complete 2-3 years of coursework in order to graduate.

Common Master’s in Public Health Coursework

Moving forward into Master’s in Public Health programs can be an excellent achievement for both current BPH graduates and those transferring to Public Health from other educational disciplines. The coursework included within this degree program can help to build upon what was learned in lower level degree programs without leaving those from other degree specializations behind.

Some of the courses that may be involved in this degree program may include those that focus on leadership techniques relevant to the healthcare field, problem solving and conflict resolution skills that can be helpful when working with large teams of Public Health employees, and policy review and evaluation skills that may be needed to help continuously improve programming.

As our team of educational experts reviewed open MPH programs all over the country, they pulled information that may be common between programs at different universities. Courses found within the programs generally contain some of the same topics, which can be helpful when sorting through large numbers of available programs.

Depending on whether or not you plan to choose a specialization with your degree program, you may find that topics relevant to your concentration may also be common throughout your degree program. Read through some of the common course descriptions below to learn more about what can be involved with this program.

Healthcare Management

People that have experience in Public Health can be great additions to the field of healthcare. Leaders that manage hospitals or other health-related agencies should have a solid understanding of healthcare policies and public services available to those in need. This course can prepare students to take on leadership positions that require extensive understanding of policy and practice within this field. Students can learn about program evaluation, financial management, and employee maintenance as part of this course’s requirements.

Public Health Biology

Looking more specifically at Public Health issues that can cause disaster within communities, this course can be a great addition to a student’s portfolio. In this course, students can look closer at specific diseases and bacteria that may be responsible for large-scale outbreaks within society. This can include a look into how diseases are spread, methods that can be effective in preventing widespread illness, and policies that may be implemented to help with further education and prevention.

Policy and Problem Solving

Being well-versed in Public Health policy can be a great first step towards becoming a knowledgeable Public Health professional. This course helps students to blend knowledge about different policies with problem solving tactics common in management positions in the field. As part of this course’s requirements, students may apply their knowledge of health policy to mock scenarios in order to test their ability to manage disagreements or conflicts in the professionals environment.

Associated Careers, Their Salaries, and Career Growth

Potential Career Options

  • Health Safety Engineer
  • Health Research Specialist
  • Community Health Educator
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Healthcare Informatics Specialist

Public Health Versus Public Affairs Degree Comparison

If you have spent some time reviewing public administration degree programs, you may have noticed that there are a wide variety of degree concentrations available to students with differing interests.

Some of the most popular degree programs available in this field may focus on the field of healthcare and ways that public service programs can help to improve them and promote positive public health. In order to shed some light on the differences between some of the common degree programs in this field, our team would like to share some differences between popular programs such as Public Health and public affairs.

The field of Public Health can provide students with focus into the overall health and wellness of their community. This can include looking at health-related prevention programs available to the public, research into factors that may be causing or promoting health-related issues, and the organization of prevention and wellness programs within a geographical area.

The purpose of programs within this discipline may be to educated students on how to recognize threats to Public Health and provide them with tools to fight back against them.

The field of Public Affairs may be another field that holds interest in society as a whole. However, this field may be more focused on the widespread needs of the public domain and the relationships between the different public service agencies that have been tasked with providing services.

Degree programs in public affairs may include courses that look at the administrative side of public service organizations, topics relevant to funding resources, and the financial management of public organizations of varying sorts.

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