Doctorate Degrees in Public Health
Students may look towards doctoral-level degree programs to help solidify higher-tier positions within their current field.
These degree programs can help students look beyond the standard practice of their field and find ways to make research-driven improvements.

Doctorate Degrees in Public Health

If you are the type of person that seeks more information about your field than what is initially provided and wish to investigate new and innovative ways to make improvements to your field, this could be a great degree level to pursue.

The Doctorate in Public Health specifically can be an excellent resource for upcoming students concerned with the overall health of their communities. The doctoral program within this field may include topics that encourage students to engage in setting up their own independent research, identify current areas within the field of Public Health that may need improvement to research, and conduct their own thorough research projects regarding their subjects and report on their findings.

Doctorate in Public Health Degree Programs to Consider

Have you considered what type of career you would like to have after graduation? Sometimes a look at your career can give you a better outlook on what type of degree you should be working on during your college experience.

A lot of the Public Health degree programs available may provide focus into fields of research, policy evaluation, or direct practice with people within the public. Upcoming professionals that might be interested in being effective and reliable leadership professionals or those that may want to provide a hand in continuing innovation in the field of Public Health may be great additions to Doctorate in Public Health degree programs.

The rise in the use of technology has added another component to the field of higher education in Public Health in recent years. Online degree programs can be excellent options for students that are currently working in full-time positions in the field. Online degree programs may consist of online course rooms that can allow students to log in at convenient times, turn in assignments by pre-assigned due dates, and chat with others in the course about course content.

These programs can be found in various states and often accept students regardless of their home location. Our team of educational experts has read about some online Doctorate in Public Health programs and provided you with a summary of what they have found in the list below.

The University of Illinois – Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago provides awareness to the fact that Public Health leaders may be in great need throughout the United States. In an effect to help educate upcoming students and train them to become effective professionals in the field of Public Health, this university has provided a Doctor of Public Health in Leadership for students to enroll in. Throughout this program, students can learn more about the techniques and methods that can help them become successful and policy driven leaders within the field. From the master’s level, students can likely complete this program in around 3 years.

Indiana University

The Doctor of Public Health in Public Health and Global Health Leadership from Indiana University is an excellent program for students interested in stretching their expertise beyond national borders. This program may include 15 credit hours of leadership courses, 7 credit hors of Public Health courses, and 23 credit hours of research courses. Students within this program can use the skills learned through previous degree programs to engage in meaningful research to help better their skills in health policy analysis and program evaluation. This program can take 2-4 years to complete – depending on previous degree level and enrollment status.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University currently has a Doctor of Public Health program available to students that have previously completed their Master’s in Public Health. This program may focus on the need for detailed and exceptional professionals in the Public Health domain, as well as upcoming professionals that have the dedication to excellence in leadership and disease prevention. This program may also consist of courses that can test a student’s knowledge of research methods relevant to the field of Public Health and problem-solving skills that can be helpful in health-related settings. This program can take 3 years to complete after the MPH.

Common Doctorate in Public Health Coursework

Looking inside of Doctorate in Public Health programs, our team of educational experts was also able to research what these programs actually bring to the table in terms of substance. The courses that can be found within these doctoral programs can be important research topics for students considering these programs, since it can tell them more about what kind of knowledge they can leave with after graduation.

Some common topics found within these programs included those that focused on management techniques of Public Health leaders, the government’s involvement in providing services to the public, and community health programs designed to prevent illness and disease within society.

In some Doctorate in Public Health programs, students may also be responsible for engaging in a dissertation project concerning a Public Health issue of their choice. This may allow students to exercise their abilities in thorough research and project design, as well as help them spotlight their ability to administer helpful and relevant program plans.

Depending on which school you choose for you education, this requirement may look differently than other schools’ programs. It is best to research these items within a school’s curriculum prior to enrollment.

Global Health Informatics

Students enrolled in Doctor of Public Health degree programs should have course work that pertains to the use of technology in the field of Public Health. This course in particular focuses on the use of IT in the documentation of health statistics, prevention programs, and health education programs on a global stage. Students in this course may look at current IT programs used for the documentation of vital biostatistics and information, so that these programs can be accessed and used regularly while working in the field.

Financing Public Health

Part of the responsibilities of Public Health leaders, especially in healthcare settings, may be to review finances, indulge in financial management, and make spending decisions as a representative of their organization. Students enrolled in this course may take a look at the different funding sources for Public Health organizations, including grants, that can affect the services provided to the public. Maintenance of financial income, budgeting, and smart spending may be some of the topics that students can take part in while in this course.

Program Evaluation for Public Health Leaders

Leaders within the field of Public Health may have a wide range of responsibilities within their positions. This course was designed in an effort to help students better understand their duties in terms of providing evaluations of the programs that they are involved with, as well as making suggestions for change with policies within their agencies. Students in this course may conduct assessments on programs provided throughout the program, which can help them become more efficient at this process prior to graduation.

Salaries For Doctorate of Health Related Careers

Potential DPH Career Options

  • Healthcare Service Manager
  • Epidemiologists
  • Biostatistics
  • Health Science Research
  • Occupational Safety Research and Design

DPH Versus MPH Degree Comparison

Students that are leaving a bachelor’s program and considering a transition into higher degree programs might be interested in learning more about the benefits of transitioning to certain higher tier programs.

In the field of Public Health, students can choose to pursue their master’s right after their bachelor’s programs or even find doctoral programs that allow direct entry. In order to help you see the professional differences between these 2 degree fields, our team of experts has reviewed both programs and will provide you with more information below.

The Master’s in Public Health is a common degree program for students interested in directing and implementing Public Health programs within their communities. Professionals at this level can work in a variety of different positions, including those that actually review and design health-related prevention programs within their communities, as well as lead a team of Public Health professionals toward a common goal. A lot of professionals within this field may choose this path since it is the quickest route to advanced career options in the field of Public Health.

The Doctorate in Public Health may provide students with more focus into the management-related aspects relevant to the field of Public Health. Students in this program may go beyond the scope of direct practice within the field and move into areas that can help to improve the field of Public Health as a whole.

This degree program can also be an excellent choice for people interested in obtaining research-oriented careers in epidemiology or other health sciences. Although this degree program may take longer to achieve, it can have beneficial results for those that partake in it.

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