Bachelor’s Degrees in Public Health
The healthcare field may be one of the largest employers in all of the United States.
This field can be increasingly important to the health of community members and can help to provide a healthy environment for people within the area.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Public Health

On a much wider level, the field of Public Health may also be a popular degree and career choice for upcoming professionals interested in studying overall population health and suggesting plans to help maintain healthy neighborhoods and a healthy society through thorough planning.

Bachelor’s in Public Administration Degree Programs To Consider

The decision to pursue a Bachelor’s in Public Health can be a great choice for students interested in helping society as a whole. At the beginning, a lot of degree programs in Public Health may contain elements within the general educational curriculum as well as introductory courses in Public Health.

This can help students to balance their understanding of this career field in relation to standard educational topics, and help shape their understanding of the field as a whole. If you want to find a program that fits your needs, you should always review open degree programs thoroughly prior to making your choice.

In an effort to make your search a little easier, our team of educational experts has provided you with some example programs that are taking applications currently. In the list below, you can learn a little about what each program promotes, as well as the time it might take to complete it.

At the bachelor’s-level, some programs might include a specialization option that can help you in choosing a path that can lead you directly to the field you would like to work. Take a look at the example programs below.

The University of Arizona

At the bachelor’s level, students within Public Health degree programs can gain a more solid insight into public health, disease, and other health-related risks. In these programs, students can also learn more about the services and programs that are provided by the U.S. Government in an attempt to protect people from the threat of injury and illness within society. The University of Arizona currently provides an online B.S. in Public Health for those interested in this purpose. This program may require students to engage in 4 years of coursework in order to graduate.

South University

If you are looking for degree programs that can set you on track for careers that can influence those around you, Public Health may be the right place to search. South University is currently a provider of online Bachelor’s in Public Health programs. This program in particular may help focus on the need for extensive planning and support within communities, the implementation of helpful health promotion and education programs, and the evaluation of current health-related agencies providing support to people in society. This program may include aspects of both general education and Public Health-specific courses.

American Public University

American Public University current has an online Bachelor’s in Public Health program open to new students. This bachelor’s level program can allow students to choose from different specialized tracks such as Emergency and Disaster Management, General Public Health, Nutrition and Wellness, and Public Health Informatics. Each of these specializations may contain specialized course work that focuses on the needs of each area. Students enrolled full-time can complete this program in around 4 years.

Common Coursework to Expect

Once you are enrolled in a Bachelor’s in Public Health program, you can take courses that can sculpt your understanding of Public Health topics from beginning to end. At this educational level, students may be expected to blend their knowledge of both general educational components and Public Health-specific topics, which can be helpful when transitioning into research-driven graduate programs or even when moving into entry-level positions in the field.

Topics that may be included at this level may include those that focus on disease prevention in society, methods for maintaining statistics about Public Health, and educational programs that can promote healthy lives in the public domain.

Our team of educational experts has years of experience in reviewing and reporting on educational programs. During their search, they have found that many Bachelor’s in Public Health programs contain some similar courses, which could make your choice of school a little easier. In the list below, read more about what each course can teach you as you progress through your program.


Introductory courses in epidemiology can be a great stepping-stone for students that might be interested in taking on complex positions in the field of Public Health. This course can help students see different research methods available for use in the field, data collection methods that can be helpful in gathering necessary information, and prevention programs that can be implemented to help protect members of a community from disease or illness. This course may also ask students to engage in their own research projects as part of the course’s requirements.

Health Education and Health Promotion

A major aspect of positive change in Public Health may be the implementation of health education and health promotion programs. Students in this course may learn more about where and how health education programs can be implemented, methods for reaching different age groups through curriculum, and programs that have been successful in influencing society in the past. Curriculum design and program review may also be a part of this course.


As a Public Health specialist, a person might be interested in researching ways to help their community remain safe from widespread illness or injury. In order to gain better insight on the current standing of the community or even measure results after a program has been initiated, it may be necessary for professionals to have experience and understanding in biostatistics. This course can teach students how to read and report important health-related data and statistics to be used during the creation of helpful Public Health Programs. Students may also work with computer information systems responsible for tracking and maintaining health data.

Salary and Career Growth Related to Public Health Graduates

Here are a few careers and their salary information that some Bachelor’s in Public Health graduates could potentially explore.

Career Options

  • Community Health Education Specialist
  • Health Research Assistant
  • Healthcare Billing and Accounting Specialist
  • Environmental Health Technician
  • Medical Technologist

BPH Versus Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration Degree Comparison

When it comes to healthcare, students may notice that there are multiple degree programs available outside of the direct practice realm. Degree programs interested in promoting individual and community health can be great choices for people that can suggest creative solutions to public health issues within their community.

Some degree programs may have similar names, but can have very different professional paths for those that become involved with them. An example of 2 similarly-named degree programs may be the Bachelor’s in Public Health and the Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration.

The Bachelor’s of Public Health is a degree program that can promote a student’s understanding of population’s health as a whole. The curriculum may include courses that look into the health-related statistics of a population, current risks of injury and illness, widespread disease prevention, and community health education.

Each of these courses can help upcoming students learn more about ways that they can influence great health within society and prevent detrimental diseases from widespread outbreak.

The Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration is another degree program related to the field of healthcare that can take a much more administrative outlook on health as a whole. This degree program may provide students with some insight into how healthcare facilities operate and methods to increase efficiency during daily operation.

People interested in working in positions that can help to direct the daily duties of hospital or healthcare staff may be great fits for this degree field.

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